Chicken Tagine With Grilled Pepper & Aubergine

Cafe Diem introduces one of its best sellers from Moroccan Menu – recipe for Chicken Tagine

Mo Recipes Book:

  • 1 kg of chicken legs (no bones)
  • grilled pepper
  • 2 aubergines
  • salt
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • 2 garlic
  • coriander
  • olive oil
  • chopped tomato can or fresh 4 tomatoes (skin off).

Go Easy MO)))))

in small pot add oil, wait till its medium hot, then add boneless chicken legs with garlic salt & pepper. Mix it for few minutes, then add tomatoes. Wait till it starts boiling, then pour the rest of the spices, after 20 minutes add chopped peppers and aubergine. Cook in slow heat for about 20-25 minutes, add fresh chopped coriander.

Note: You can have it with Bread or Couscous.

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