Our Story

Welcome To Cafediem

Café Diem is a little coffee shop in Donnybrook, Dublin 4.   

It is run by Mo, who comes from Morocco, the country of rich culture, great food and hospitality. As a chef, Mo finds inspiration in an aroma, a plant, a local he meets along the way… and these encounters, spiced with creativity, return in Café Diem. 

The Café’s central location makes it a great place to meet friends or business partners, and organise small parties.  Its friendly staff, delicious drinks and food guarantee you will enjoy your time… after all the Latin ‘Carpe Diem’ was the inspiration for the Café’s name.

The outside terrace, cosy sofas, Wi-Fi access and, most of all, the warm welcome, make Café Diem a unique haven for a moment of rest


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